Morro in the morning

Morro de São Paulo is a place of beautiful beaches with calm waters and white sand together with its wonderful Atlantic jungle. These beaches ensure fun during the day in the island and each one has different features.

Here in this paradise, every place deserves to be visited and enjoyed either for its history or beauty.

Besides the natural beauty of the island, it currently offers restaurants with traditional and sophisticated meals, countless inns, eco resorts, hotels, markets, craft fairs and a hectic nightlife. Sports are very popular such as scuba-diving or snorkelling, beach volleyball or beach football, surfing, etc. For those who like less risky activities, you can do trekking, biking, swimming and horse-back riding. You can also try Brazil´s biggest Zip Line there.

There is a wide range of options to visit the natural beauties of the region: you can sail around the island of Tinhare visiting the three inhabited islands (Tinhare, Boipeba and Cairu), the incredible natural pools, Morere beach, one of the most beautiful of the region. Then you can visit the village of Boipeba, the oyster farms in Canavieiras, the town of Cairu with its XVI century church and from there, go back to the Morro, passing by Ponta do Corral, the endpoint of the continent opposite Gamboa beach.

A ride on off-road vehicles takes visitors to beach of Garapuá, located after a great mangrove at the end of the Fifth Beach. There when there is low tide, you can go down until the floating bars in the natural pools to enjoy cold and clear waters, while drinking a cold beer as well as delicious appetizers.

Another daytime option for those who like history is to do the Morro de São Paulo city tour, visiting historic sites like Tapirandú Fortres, Portaló at the entrance of the island, the Lighthouse high up in the Morro, Nossa Senhora da Luz Church, Casarão and Fonte Grande, all of which are considered historic heritage because they were part of the history of the discovery of Brazil and Colonial Brazil period.

Watching the sunset is an amazing show those who visit the island cannot miss; the best location to enjoy this unforgettable moment is from the northern coast of the island, anywhere from the Fortress to Gamboa Beach. This side of the island is the best to appreciate this natural show and for those who are fond of taking pictures, if the sunset coincides with the full moon, you will be able to watch the sunset in the west and at the same time, the full moon in the east.

Morro at night

Morro de São Paulo has much more than just beautiful beaches for its tourists; fabulous parties also delight its visitors and residents, alike. Few people know Morro de Sao Paulo is famous for its parties every day of the week and during the whole year. Nightclubs, moon parties, bars and live shows ensure everybody´s fun. The evening begins at bars and beach stalls where you can buy caipirinha with fruits (caipifruits) in the village and in Second Beach, where people get ready to go to the party. Bars and nightclubs usually open at midnight, but people start arriving at one o’clock in the early morning. The end of the party depends on the crowd´s spirits, but in general they end up at dawn.

It is common that party organizers agree on the setting, so that each establishment is well-attended avoiding the division of tourists into two or more parties. Thus Saturday parties take place in Pulsar Disco, which is located on the road to the historical fort.

On Friday night the party is at the Toca do Morcego, that is located on the way to the lighthouse, and ensures a lively party on a beautiful point of the island with a breathtaking panoramic sea view. Here the sound is electronic music, so that the crowd can dance and have fun. Also in the Toca do Morcego you can watch the sunset in an incredible atmosphere with gentle sound of house music followed by live music. The place is perfect; it is definitely worth a visit.

The parties on Mondays and Thursdays are at the Second Beach of Morro de São Paulo and are open to the public. They are called Luaus, and you will surely find beach stalls with cold drinks. These parties are also highly frequented by the locals. The music style is varied: Axé, MPB, samba and international rhythms are just a few. In high season or on some holidays there’s a small stage with live music. Luaus have a tradition in Morro de São Paulo, being celebrated since the time when there were only the natives and the first hippies.

On Wednesdays the traditional fest of Morro de São Paulo takes place in Mangaba district. The fest in The Theatre starts early, around 9pm, where you can see presentations of capoeira, traditional dances, drama plays, poetry and live music. Around midnight the party heats up with a DJ playing electronic music turning The Theatre into a nightclub, and it only finishes at daybreak.

During national holidays, New Year´s Eve (Reveillon) and after the Carnival (Resaca de Carnaval) the number of tourists is tripled compared to the peak season. This is another feature that makes Morro de São Paulo a unique place. The mixture of races, paradise beaches, the charm of being an island without cars together with its year round parties and festivals make this place a beautiful paradise known and loved worldwide.

New Year´s Eve (Reveillion) in Morro de São Paulo

New Year´s Eve is peak season; all houses, hotels and inns are fully booked during this period.

It is important to book in advance so you do not run the risk of not getting the room in the hotel or inn you desire. The tourist package of New Year´s Eve (Reveillion) generally lasts four days; most of them start on December 29th and end on January 2nd. Breakfast is included and some of them also include dinner on December 31st.

During this period, the villages as well as the beaches of Morro de São Paulo are full during the day and there are several parties to enjoy night time. New Year is celebrated on the beach with an incredible show of fireworks. Lots of restaurants located on the sea shore offer dinner for tourists with delicious menus and reasonable prices. Most tourists stay on the beach, have a light snack in the restaurants of the village and celebrate the coming of a new year with their feet on the sand. Second Beach is decorated with drink stalls, which add a special touch and offer varied and colourful types of fruit.

According to tradition, in New Year´s Eve people dress in white, which represents peace. For those who prefer private parties, nightclubs in Morro de São Paulo are also open and promise joy and happiness with electronic music played by DJs from Brazil and abroad.

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